What is it about that little serial comma
That riles us grammar nerds and inspires so much drama?
It’s a tiny punctuation piece, sparse in its glory,
But a series without one feels like an incomplete story.

Yes, I’ve seen the infographics—like this one and that
Which are handy for people who don’t give a crap.
But my love for that thing is inexplicably vast…
I’m a stringent grammarian, or so my lot has been cast.

A prose list without one can push me to cry.
(And friends whisper, “Uh, maybe give Xanax a try.”)
Their omission can make things ambiguous and vague,
And such inconsistencies are a proofreader’s plague.

Naysayers claim they’re too bulky and slow.
But clearly, they’re reaching; those arguments blow.
I don’t want to think about “in instances when…”
JUST ALWAYS USE IT, yes time and again.

“Apples, oranges and bananas?” Not me.
Just seeing that void stirs up OCD.
It’s “apples, oranges, and bananas,” I say.
It makes the most sense, that fine Oxford way.

So you see, friends, it’s worth it; don’t drive me to drink.
Just use the damn comma and I won’t raise a stink.
That comma’s so lovely, so mighty, so proud.
Let’s all agree to it, no comma drama allowed.

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